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All-State Girls Basketball

NMHSCA Girls Basketball All-State Teams

The NMHSCA began selecting and publishing the Girls All-State Basketball teams in 2009.  Coaches nominate athletes at the district meeting.  From there each district sends a rep to the All-State Basketball Selection Meeting and participates in the selection process.

2023 All-Star & All-State Selection Process

2023 All-Star & All-State Changes

All-Stars:  There will be a 1A/2A, 3A/4A,& 5A Game in both Boys and Girls Basketball.

All-State: District will nominate all-state athletes at the district meetings, and all-state teams will be chosen on Sunday, March 12th, 2023. 

Districts must send 2 Reps.  One will use Form A and represent the district in the all-star selection, and the second will represent the district in the all-state selections using Basketball All-State Nomination Form

District Responsibilities:

As a District, Complete the Basketball Form A.
As a District, Complete the All-State Nomination Form
As a District, determine the coaches to be the All-Star & All-State District Reps
As a District, be sure that both reps attend meetings on Sunday, March 12 1:30 pm in the Southwest Ballroom at the Crowne Plaza Hotel at 1901 University Avenue as the All-Star rep.