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NMHSCA All-Stars

NMHSCA All-Star Game: Red vs. Green

Cross Country Red vs. Green Race
Date: Saturday, November 12, 2022
Location:  Cleveland High School
Top 50 Fun Run: Girls @ 9:30 am
Top 50 Fun  Run: Boys @ 10:00 am
Girls Red vs. Green Race: 10:30 am
Boys Red vs. Green Race: 11:00 am

Athletes will be chosen on Sunday, November 6th, 2022
Athletes will report on Friday, November 11th @ 3:00 pm at the Crowne Plaza Albuquerque

Soccer All-Star Games
Date: Saturday, November 12, 2022
Location:  St. Pius X
Girls Red vs. Green: 12:00 pm
Boys Red vs. Green: 2:00 pm
Athletes will be chosen on Sunday, November 6th, 2022
Athletes will report on Friday, November 11th @ 1:30 pm at 8 Gradys Field House.
2021 Results:
The Green Girls Soccer Team won 2-1 over the Red.
The Green Boys Soccer Team in a PK shootout 6-4.

Volleyball All-Star Games
Date: Saturday, November 19, 2022
Location:  West Mesa High School
Small School @ 12:00 pm & Large School @ 2:00 pm
Athletes chosen on Sunday, November 13, 2022
Athletes report on Friday, November 18 @ 1:30 at 8 Gradys Field House

Football All-Star Games
Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022
Location:  Bulldog Bowl, Artesia, NM
Small School @ 12:00 pm & Large School @ 3:00 pm
Athletes Chosen on Sunday, November 27th, 2022
Athletes report on Thursday, December 1st @ 1:00 pm the Bulldog Bowl

Basketball All-Star Games
Date: Friday & Saturday, March 17th & 18th, 2023
Location:  Gallup High School
Friday, March 17th, 2023
1A/2A Girls @ 3:00 pm
1A/2A Boys @ 5:00 pm
Sammy C's Slam Dunk & 3 Point Shoot Out @ 7:00 pm

Saturday, March 18th, 2023
5A Girls @ 11:00 am
5A Boys @ 1:00 pm
3A/4A Girls @ 3:00 pm
3A/4A Boys @ 5:00 pm
Athletes chosen on Sunday, March 12th, 2023

Marilyn Sepulveda Track Meet:
Date: Monday, April 11 
Location: UNM Track and Field complex

Softball All-Star Games
Date: May 19th & 20th th, 2023
Location: Cleveland High School
Athletes Chosen on Wednesday, May 10th
Athletes report to Cleveland High School at 1:00 pm on Friday, May 19th, 2023.

1A-3A Small School All-Star Games
Date: May 19th & 20th, 2023
Location: Cleveland Storm Baseball Facilities
Athletes Chosen on Wednesday, May 10th
Athletes report to Cleveland High School on Friday, May 19th 1:0 pm

Bob Ogas Baseball All-Star Classic
Date: June 8th,9th & 10th, 2023
Location: Field of Dreams, Las Cruces, NM
Athletes Chosen on Wednesday, May 10th, 2023
Athletes report to Field of Dreams at 1:30 pm on Thursday, June 8th

All-Star General Policies 

In order for athletes to be nominated, the head coach of the team must be a member of the NMHSCA during the current school year. 

Athletes must participate in 50% of the games played during the season to be eligible. 

All-Star athletes must be academically eligible and be a senior.

Athletes must complete the season academically eligible as well as in good standing with the team and school. 

The head coach, the school’s athletic director, principal, and or the NMHSCA president may remove any athlete from an all-star team.

All-Star Football Players will have a $250.00 registration and all other sport athletes will have a $200.00 registration fee.  The NMHSCA Board of Directors expects coaches to use funds from the athletic department, booster clubs or other measures to pay for their athletes.  The registration fees are used to lodging, food, uniforms, staff, and officials for the games.  The NMHSCA receives no money from any entity for the games. 

All transactions of money for both all-star must be paid online with a credit card.  The NMHSCA does not accept Purchase Orders and or checks for all-star and all-state fees. If this is a problem, Contact the NMHSCA

NMHSCA All-Star Team Format 

The all-star games will be titled the New Mexico All-Stars “Red vs. Green” 

Teams will not make up a geographical area.  Teams will be drafted onto a red or green team. 

There will be two all-star games in the sport of football, volleyball, boys' basketball, girls' basketball, and baseball. 

Small School Football (6 Man – 3A) & Large School (4A-6A) 

Small School Volleyball (1A-3A) & Large School (4A-5A) 

Small School (B&G) Basketball (1A-3A) & Large School (4A-5A) 

Small School Baseball (1A-3A) & Large School (4A-5A) 

There will be one all-star game/event in the sports of softball, boys' soccer, & girls' soccer. 

  • Boys Soccer (1A-5A) 
  • Girls Soccer (1A-5A) 
  • Tennis (1A-5A) 
  • Softball (1A-5A) 

All-Star Nomination Process 

At the completion of the regular season, head coaches of each all-star sport within a district shall meet and complete the NMHSCA All-Star Form A for that sport.  (See Forms Below) 

  • **Districts will be determined by the NMAA Alignment & Classification. 

Once the District Coaches complete NMHSCA Form A, the district is responsible to ensure that a district representative takes the following steps: (Football sends 2 Reps)

  1. Attends the All-Star Selection Meeting on Sunday after the state championship.  The All-Star Selection Meeting will be at the NMHSCA office: 6600 Palomas NE. Albuquerque, NM 87109.
  2. The representative must bring the original Form A to the All-Star Selection Meeting.

Failure to follow prescribed steps could result in a district not being represented. It is up to the district to follow this process.

If no meeting takes place or there is inability for the district coaches to meet and submit the form by due date, there will be no athletes from that district nominated unless approved by the president of the NMHSCA. 

Each district will be allowed to nominate the following number of athletes in each sport:

Soccer:  12
Volleyball:  10
Football:  30
Basketball: 10
Softball: 12
Baseball: 16  

All-Star Selection Process 

An all-star selection committee will be made up of one district rep per district.  The NMHSCA will assign a committee member.  The district can change members if they decide, but the district must make sure that a district rep attends the all-star selection meeting.

A committee member (District Rep) does not represent any entity other than the NMHSCA, and the goal is to pick the best teams possible. 

The committee will meet on the Sunday directly after the state championship in that sport at the NMHSCA offices.

The committee will rank athletes by position.

The committee cannot rank an athlete higher than the ranking by a district on Form A. 

  • If an athlete is ranked as the #2 quarterback in a district, the athlete cannot be ranked above the athlete in that district  that was ranked #1 in a district.
  • The #2 quarterback in District 1 can be ranked higher than a #1 quarterback in District 2.
  • The ranking on Form A only relates to kids from the same district.

Once the Committee has ranked the athletes by positions, teams will be selected by alternating ranking of the position in the following way:  #1 goes to Team 1, #2 & #3 goes to Team 2, & #4 goes to Team 1.  Positions are alternated from that point until the team is filled.

The teams must have the following attributes to ensure the teams are equitable across different classification. 

Boys & Girls Soccer 
Total Athletes: 32 (16 per team)

  • 2 Goalies
  • 4 Defenders
  • 4 MidFielders
  • 4 Forward/Strykers
  • At-Large: 2
  • 4 Athletes must from Class A-3A, 4A & 5A

Total Athletes 48 (12 per team)

  • Outside Hitters: 4
  • Middle Blockers: 2
  • Setters: 2
  • Defensive Specialist: 2
  • At-Large: 2
  • In Small School, there must be 3 athletes from 1A, 2A, & 3A on each team.  In Large school, there must be 4 athletes from 4A & 5A.

Total Athletes 160 (40 per team) 

  • Quarterback: 2
  • Running back: 3
  • Offensive Lineman: 5 
  • Centers: 2
  • Receiver: 4
  • Tight End: 1
  • Slot: 1 
  • Kicker: 1
  • Punter: 1
  • Defensive Line: 4
  • Inside Linebacker: 4 
  • DE/Outside Linebacker: 4 
  • Secondary: 6
  • At-Large: 2 
  • In Small School, there must be the 4 athletes from 6-Man, 5 athletes from 8-Man, 6 athletes from 2A, and 7 athletes from 3A on each team.  In Large School, there must be 6 athletes from 4A, 7 athletes from 5A, & 8 athletes from 6A on each team.

Boys & Girls Basketball
Total Athletes 48 (12 per team)

  • 12 basketball players per team.  There is no inside or outside ranking from districts.
  • In Small School, there must be 3 athletes from 1A, 2A, & 3A on each team.  In Large school, there must be 4 athletes from 4A & 5A.

Total Athletes 32 (16 per team)

  • Pitchers: 3
  • Catchers: 2
  • Infielders: 5
  • 1st Baseman: 2 
  • Outfielders: 4
  • 2 athletes from A/2A, 3 athletes from 3A, 4 athletes from 4A & 5 athletes from 5A per team. 

Total Athletes 80  (20 per team)

  • Pitchers: 6
  • Catchers: 2
  • Infielders: 6
  • 1st Baseman: 2
  • Outfielders: 4
  • In small school, there must be 4 athletes 1, 2, & 3A.  In large school there has to be six athletes from 4A & 5A.