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School Based Membership

NMHSCA School Based Membership Program

The NMHSCA's School Based Membership provides an opportunity for school leaders to provide NMHSCA membership benefits for all coaches at a school for a single fee.  In addition to membership benefits, all coaches will have free access to the NMHSCA Professional Development Platform for coaches. The NMHSCA was established as an organization of New Mexico's best & most professional interscholastic coaches.  Becoming a member of the NMHSCA is a commitment to be affiliated with the most successful, most professional, and most dedicated coaches in New Mexico.  The best coaches in New Mexico have always been members of the NMHSCA.  Elevate the coaching in your school by becoming a School Based Member of the NMHSCA.  

NMHSCA Professional Development Platform

(All coaches of a School Based Member are allowed to attend the following clinics free of charge.  They must pre-register.)

  • Annual Summer Coaches Clinic in July
  • Annual Wrestling Coaches Clinic in October
  • Annual Basketball Symposium in October
  • Annual Track & Field Coaches Clinic in January
  • NMHSCA "Coaching New Mexico" Presentations
    • Protect Your Athletes; Protect Your Staff & Protect Yourself.
    • Legal & Ethical Expectations of Education Based Coaches
    • Tools for Being a Better Education Based Coach
    • You are Different: You are an Education Based Coach
    • The NMHSCA will provide any of the above presentations and or develop a custom presentation to fit the independent needs and desires of a school.  To schedule a presentation at your school, contact Buster Mabrey.
  • The NMHSCA will also prepare and present individual presentations at the school to coaches, parents, and or athletes free of charge.

How to Register as a School Based Member?

Athletic Directors of School Based Members must take the following steps to become a NMHSCA School Based Member:

  1. Request an excel spreadsheet from the NMHSCA the following data for every coach at the school:  "First Name", "Last Name", "email" & "Phone Number".
    1. If the school was a previous NMHSCA School Based Member, the NMHSCA will provide a spreadsheet with the previous information on coaches at that school.
  2. The NMHSCA will provide a quote and or an invoice.
  3. The school provides the NMHSCA the first name, last name, phone number, and email of all coaches at the school.
  4. At this point, all coaches at the school are officially members of the NMHSCA and receive all NMHSCA membership benefits.
  5. The coaches must then register online to attend any of the following clinics free of charge:  Annual Summer Clinic, NM Wrestling Clinic, Coach & Official Basketball Symposium, and the Track & Field Clinic.  In order to register, the coach must go through the process of registration.  At the end of the registration process on the shopping cart page, choose to "Pay Offline".  The AD and NMHSCA will work out the payment.
  6. The coaches can also register for the current school year individual membership following the same process in step #5.


  • The registration fee for school based membership is determined by the school's football classification or basketball if the school does not participate in Class 1A-5A football.  6A = $3000, 5A=$2500, 4A=$2000, 3A=$1500, 2A=$1000 & 1A=$500.
  • School Districts that register multiple schools get a discount. 
    • The athletic director and Buster Mabrey will work to an agreement.