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NMHSCA Coaching Clinics

The Registration "NMHSCA Coaching Clinics" is not currently available.

NMHSCA’s “Coaching New Mexico” is an Education Based Athletics program designed to define and promote a statewide standard and expectation of behavior for New Mexico coaches. This training will provide “Tools of Coaching” along with the universal components of the Education Based Athletics’ legal and ethical behavioral themes.  “Coaching New Mexico” promotes aspects, techniques and ideals that should be fundamental expectations for any and all coaches within our New Mexico schools. 

Training Courses for Education Based Coaches

The NMHSCA is committed to coaching New Mexico's coaches.  The NMHSCA has developed and presented to 1000's of coaches in the last several years focusing on the importance of the legal, ethical, and professional standards expected of education based coaches.  Reach out to Buster Mabrey to schedule one of the following presentations for your coaches.

Protect Your Athletes; Protect Your Team; and Protect Yourself

  • This NMHSCA’s “Coaches' Training Course” for education based coaches provides in-depth exposure of the ethical and legal expectations and responsibilities of interscholastic coaches.  In addition to coverage of the fourteen court mandated duties of coaches using practical concepts, the course will provide concrete action steps that are proactive in preventing & recognizing hazing, bullying, cyber-bullying, sexual harassment/assault, and abuse by staff and students.  This is an outstanding opportunity for all education based coaches & educators to become more aware of the possible perceptions of their actions in today’s sport environment, and practical steps to be a better education based coach.

You are Different!  You are an Education Based Coach


The Registration "NMHSCA Coaching Clinics" is not currently available.

The Registration "NMHSCA Coaching Clinics" is not currently available.